Frequently asked questions

Q.What is the difference between "Salted Bonito" and "Shuto" .
A.Both are the same.It is called "Shuto" that is salted internal organs of Bonito.
Q.Who named "Shuto"?
A.The old encyclopedia already has the name "Shuto".There are various theories.One theory that Tosa's lords of Yamauchi put on.Also, there is a theory that Mitsukuni Tokugawa attached. Where bonito was fished, and where sake was made it may be a word born naturally.
Q.What part of bonito's internal organs do you use "Salted Bonito / Shuto"?
A.he stomach, intestine, esophagus, and pylorus of the bonito's internal organs are the main use sites.Especially the pylorus is a part promoting fermentation to become "Salted Bonito".
Q.Where do you sell the products?
A.We sell it at "Tenkosu" in Kochi City.「Tenkosu
We also sell at "Tosa - Rikisya" in Nankoku City.「Tosa-Rikisya

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